It’s easy enough to book your own vacation online, so why would you want to use a travel agent?

I can save you time

The average person spends 10-20 hours to plan a single vacation. This number can quickly escalate when researching complex trips or an unfamiliar destination. I easily spent over 100 hours planning my first international visit to Japan. There’s a lot to know: where to go, how to get there, and what to do and see. Even planning a Disney vacation can feel overwhelming. The parks and cruise ships are so large and offer so many possibilities for accommodations, dining, and entertainment that you can’t possibly cover everything in one trip and will need to prioritize.

With my expertise, we can work together to narrow down your plans and build itineraries based on your personal interests. I can offer destination-specific tips and recommendations based on experience. I can make dining reservations, book excursions and entertainment, and sit on hold with customer service so you don’t have to.

I can save you money

I am constantly on top of current available sales and promotions for all of my destination specialties. One of the most common aspects of planning Disney vacations for my clients is discount monitoring. When Disney releases a promotion, I work to automatically apply these discounts for all qualifying reservations that have already been booked.

For select destinations, I have access to special deals not available to the public. For other destinations (like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando), booking a trip with me will cost exactly the same as booking directly yourself. The difference is that you get the added benefit of my planning services, included with your booking at no additional cost.

I'll advocate for you

Unexpected things happen all the time, and I’m on your side. I am well-versed in the change and cancellation policies of my suppliers. If you have an unpleasant experience, I will work with management on your behalf to remedy the situation.

You'll have a better trip

I promise I will put forth the care and attention to detail into your vacation as if it were my own. You’ll be traveling like a destination expert, hitting the local highlights and avoiding common pitfalls, without the years of previous experience or investing hours of research. It is my goal for you to have a stress-free and incredible experience, full of magical moments!

Still not convinced? Let's chat!

I’m a hardworking, cheerful person who is genuinely excited to talk travel and help you plan an amazing vacation.